How we work...

  • Project Management We will look after your individual requirements. Advising you at every stage of the process. We are committed to quality and service, with the aim to deliver excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Design Service  - Offering a free no obligation design and planning service. Creating designs for your consideration and continuing to develop them to meet your wishes, simply call us on 0771 99 44 103.
  • Manufacturing  High quality materials will be used to construct your 'must-have' pieces of furniture and joinery.
  • Installation - Furniture and joinery will be fitted into your home or garden with care, ensuring you are 100% happy before we leave you to enjoy!
  • Service At any time throughout the process you can contact us with any questions about your furniture or joinery project.

We work at our best by visiting your home, work or outside space - wherever you want our help! We will look at every aspect and work with you to meet your needs. We want to create your ideal and will work hard to deliver.