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Mood Boards Made Easy

January 23, 2013

Mood board

A great way to visualise how the final room will look and feel. It will also help colour choices, materials textures.

Before you can decide what your perfect piece of furniture will look like, spend time gathering together inspiration to help you picture what your final room will look like. Planning your room, means you can get the most out of the tradesman you use!

Start to collect pieces

Collect samples and pictures that will build the whole room. Think about floors, ceilings, colours and style of furniture.

Mood board layout

Start with the floor at the bottom and the ceiling at the top of the board.

Colour choosing

Thinks about how you want the room to feel, light/ dark, hot/ cold. 

The right preparation and planning will mean the perfect room and the perfect piece of furniture built to match.

How to design a perfect piece of furniture?

September 18, 2012

What would you want?                  

  • Style - time period influence
  • Function - how will it be used
  • Size - proportion
  • Usage - customized to the individual
  • Location - home or garden
  • Position - focal point or blends into surroundings

Together we consider the following;
  • Construction - joinery technique
  • Materials - type of wood
  • Finish - paint, varnish or polish

 What your joiner or manufacturer should consider;
  • Size and complexity of the project 
  • Applying furniture standards
  • Create a CAD design

Remember, comp...

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September 18, 2012
Furniture Fanatic!

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